Funkbuttah is a psuedonym that I work under for wacky, bizarre, or generally lowbrow work. It tends to be a bit more illustrative, but I try to create a timeless-ness even in the caricaturing of subject. A large part of my artistic development was invented and imaginative work and I never want to lose that creative side. Oddly, most collectors, galleries, and even many artists don’t really care about such work. I happen to think it’s the straight from the soul type stuff, looking in. Study of that weirder inner, sometimes darker, world becomes the subject, and then dances with the painting medium, oil for me. A fully developed ability to depict reality must be known, in order to depict thought with any degree of truth or readability. Funkbuttah was born. For more information and other previous commercial and entertainment work, including past projects I worked on, please click the link to visit the Funkbuttah online portfolio@¬†