'Old Friends' 10x10 Oil on Linen'Out Of The Shadows' 10x15'Winter Break' 12x12 Oil on Linen'Two's Company' 8X10 Oil on Linen'Someday' 8X8 Oil'Green Dumptruck' 6x6 Oil on LInen'Winter Break' 12X12 Oil'Benched' 10x12 Oil on Linen'Old Yeller' 10x10 Oil on Linen'Emerge' 8x8 Oil on Linen'For Sale' 10x12 Oil on Linen'Best In Show' 6x9 Oil on Linen'Hunkered Down' 8x8 Oil on Linen'Red and Green' 9x6 Oil on Linen'The Parts Truck' 9X12 Oil 'Trusty Rusty' 9x6 Oil on Linen'Way Back When' 8X12 Oil

This is a gallery of all old trucks and tractors that I’ve painted over the years. Most of these paintings have sold, but if you like one, I have the reference photo and a photo of the painting and I can paint another original painting for you of the vehicle. I do not do giclee prints of my work, but I will paint another original painting and it will have a similar vibe, color etc. Enjoy. Check out the navigation bar under Paintings to check on available work.