'Cedar Ridge Sunrise' 8x12 Oil on Linen'Cedar Ridge Cedar' 8x16 Oil on Linen'Along The South Kaibab' 12x12 Oil on Linen'Bright Angel Creek Outlet' 12x12 Oil on LinenNotan02.jpg'Last Camp Before Phantom Ranch'16x20 Oil on Linen'Loading The Rafts' 12x16 Oil on LinenNotan04.jpg'River Trail River View' 8x12 Oil on Linen'Above The Colorado River' 20x16 Oil on Linen'Sunset Behind The Black Bridge' 8x12 Oil on LinenNotan16.jpg'Beaver Step'Reflections' 12x12 Oil on LinenNotan14.jpg'Canyon Pouroff' 12x12 Oil on Linen'Ribbon Falls' 16x8 Oil on LinenNotan17.jpg'Trail Steps' 12x8 Oil on LinenNotan13.jpg'Along The North Kaibab' 12x16 Oil on LinenNotan01.jpg'First Light On The River'10x12 Oil on LinenNotan07.jpg'First Light On The Beach' 16x20 Oil on LinenNotan19.jpg'Along The River Trail' 16x12 Oil on LinenSideCanyonSteps.jpg 12x8 Oil on LinenNotan05.jpg'River Trail Rocks' 12x16 Oil on LinenNotan15.jpgNotan08.jpgNotan11.jpgNotan03.jpg'Canyon Walls' 12x8 Oil on LinenNotan18.jpg'Down Is Optional' 8x12 Oil on LinenNotan06.jpg'Flight Of The Condor' 8x24 Oil on LinenNotan09.jpg'Canyon Shapes' 16x20 Oil on LinenNotan10.jpg'Zoroaster's Serenade' 12x12 Oil on Linen'Last Light On Trail View Overlook' 16x20 Oil on LinenNotan12.jpg'Trail View Outcrop' 24x8 Oil on Linen'Moonlight Serenade' 20x16 Oil on LinenNotanQD.jpg'Quick Draw On The Rim' 8x24 Oil on LinenGCAandMe.jpg

The Grand Canyon Celebration of Art is a fantastic top tier plein air event held each year in September in the park. There are even artists working in conjunction with the event on the North Rim, with a culmination and truly special opening night Gala in the historic Kolb Brother’s Studio/House at the end of the week. This year I was elected to go to Phantom Ranch with fellow artist and friend, Carl Ortman. In the end Carl had to cancel the trip down but was able to participate in the event on the rim. Rosie Sandifer at a late notice and on a rebuilt knee was able GCAVIDto make the trek down and we had a blast. Mules hired through the Xanterra concessions company, helped carry much of the load of panels and other heavy painting and camping equipment. We were able to hike down with a lightweight easel, a few panels, a lunch, and some water, thus making the trip down productive as well. The entire trip is recounted beautifully in the following video just over 13 mins. Watch by clicking the image left, or HERE.

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