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Scroll down if you don’t want to read my windbag monologue about painting from life.

There is visual poetry in every facet of life. All of which is worthy of an artist’s personal take, unique persepective, and contemplation. I believe receiving information directly from the reality in which we exist, and translating 4 dimensions (time included) onto a canvas from this life, yields endless and unique inspiration. Painting on-location does not need to be braving the elements outside, although common, and highly recommended, the term could include painting in a cafe, bar, restaurant, museum, zoo, or it could simply be a portable studio solution for the local figure painting get-togethers. I’ve had some good times painting from the cockpit of my vehicle, by attaching the easel to the steering wheel with the palette in my lap (parked, of course). However, and with whatever equipment you get out into your existence, and to the best of your ability, depict it doesn’t matter, as long as it happens, and frequently.

Through this observation and practice, people improve. Not only their understanding of how things work, and painting technique, but a deeper level of appreciation develops for the existence of the experience. This appreciation leads to a responsibility for maintaining the experiential possibility for future generations. Empathy for others and a sense of our spiritual interconnectedness is a natural tack of mental development for those studying figurative works. We improve as people as we paint from life, is what I believe.

The equipment below is designed to provide a portable studio that is quick and easy to setup, yet rigid and tough for this on-location experience. Weight, obviously, is a huge concern, with size, bulk, and strength as considerations, and was a primary focus of the development. Painting posture and configuration possibilities to include sitting, or standing were important. Glare-reduction from the sun, and stability in wind gusts, were all on the table during research and development, which I, of course, thoroughly enjoyed.
Developed with love!

I stand behind each product fully, and thanks for looking!
-Joshua Been owner Prolific Painter, LLC.
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$10.00 THE NEW BOOK, 100 pages of mind-filling goodness (pen offered in pkgs below)!
Learn to See Learn to Paint; A Foundation in Visual Language Through the Art of Oil Painting
View and read online HERE!

*Tiny stature, 5.5×8.5 HUGE impact. Meant to take along!
*With this knowledge, the key to the kingdom is yours! Breaking our Visual Language down into 4 manageable translation elements, this book will be quite useful for those working in all visual art mediums and styles or just getting started.

*There are even 16 different exercises to catalyst your understanding and growth as a painter. The practice is up to you.

*Pro tips on painting outdoors, even packing a pack more efficiently.

*Don’t wander into an art store all willy nilly, reference the materials section of this book, and ONLY buy the supplies you NEED in order to learn and grow as fast, and with as little out of pocket, as possible. With this savings alone, you could buy 5 copies!

**Currently out of stock, NEW revised edition is being printed. All book orders will be filled once in stock.**

I wish I had read THIS when I started.

$5.00 (quantity discounts)  Light Direction Sphere Pen
A Zebra fine (7mm) ball point pen, works great with markers, or alone.
A great tool for determining the precise direction of the light-source in your scene (only works outdoors with the sun as the source of light for you and your scene).

It’s a line-of_sight thing…Hold sphere in the direction you’re looking.
-A sphere is a great indicator of planar orientation in the form to the light-source arrangement.
–Precisely where the Specular Highlight plane is in the form.
No better way to inform the Shape Element in the Visual Language translation outside, than with this Light Direction Sphere Pen.

*Take it with you outside and totally GEEK out!! And, GET THE BOOK TOO!! for waaay more information.

Get one for your friends so you don’t just leave them behind.

$100.00  The Sketchbox (fully loaded)
More info HERE!
Liberate those little drawings forever.
Why entomb your gorgeous little sketches in a sketchbook to be placed on a shelf…never to be contemplated again!
Sad, really.
I say, “Surround yourself, your studio, your epic life with your study and contemplation of it.”
Give them away to friends, collectors, or as thank you cards! A diary is a diary, a sketchbook is a tomb for quirky work. There is absolutely no reason to harbor ALL of your work in a sketchbook.
Liberate your doodles. Share your passion, and in a way that shows the discipline and practice of the art form!
More info HERE!

Sketchbox Package Choices

$225.00 (ON SALE NOW for 200.00!) Daytripper Easel Palette.
NOTE: This price does not include an Upright Panel Holder, be sure to make your choice carefully below to include this.
More info HERE.

Painting with a French easel is like skiing with those old tie on 240 cm planks that you see as antiques on lodge walls. I mean C’mon!! We have modern aluminum and carbon fiber tripods for heavy cameras. Lighten your load!

The Daytripper Easel is the everyday workhorse for anywhere.
Continue to paint in the French Easel posture, and workflow.
Work up to 36″ vertical depending on the UPH you decide on.
Weight of palette: 2.2lbs
Weight of Upright Panel Holder: Varied  .8 -1.2lbs
Construction: wood, aluminum, steel

Choose packages and mixing area surface below.
More information HERE!

Daytripper Package Options below SALE PRICES SHOWN
Mixing Area Choice

$Prices Vary$ (ON SALE NOW,$ 25+ off)  Individual Upright Panel Holders (UPHs):
More infor HERE!

All UPHs attach to a modern tripod’s quick release plate via the (1/4-20) threaded screw which would normally screw into a camera.
This is a very nice advantage because it means that the tripod head only holds the panel, and not the palette and the panel in many pochade box configurations.

Weight: .8-1.4lbs.

End mount, or off center mounting options.
There are 6 styles/sizes to choose from depending on your painting process and size intentions.
More information HERE!
Sale prices are shown below:

Upright Panel Holder Styles/Sizes:

(Temporarily Out of Stock)  Fly on the Wall Easel:
More info HERE!

The lightweight, ZERO footprint, incognito easel meant for doing quick small sketches of anything in a tight spot.

Weighs 1.3lbs empty, 2.5lbs with 6 paint tubes.
Tripod (not included) 2.9lbs

Perfect for cafes, bars, museums, your kitchen, travel, backpacking, river trips.
Set it up on your lap, on a table, or on a tripod!
More info HERE!

$50.00  DOLICA AX620B100 Tripod (lightweight 2.9 lbs) Works well with Daytripper and Fly Easels
NOTE: For larger canvases, larger than 18×24, this tripod is a tad bit lighter duty (a heavy duty tripod, rated for 25lbs is recommended).

Almost ANY tripod will work with the Daytripper Easel set-up. We’ve redesigned the hooks, and since, I’ve not witnessed a tripod the Daytripper just won’t work with. That being said, there is an ideal one, THIS!
If you’re wondering about yours, this is worth a read… Will my tripod work with the Daytripper? Click HERE.

Virtually any tripod will work with the Fly on the Wall.

Dolica AX620B100 Tripod and extra quick release plates

$Varied$ Small and Large Wet Panel Carriers (WPCs)
More info HERE!
How does one get a wet oil painting safely back to the studio?
Lots of solutions out there, but these Wet Panel Carriers are the BEST!!
AND the lightest on the market.

These don’t harm the edge of the painting like the others.
HOW? Well, back-engineered alien tech, of course! J/K check out the link above to read more.

NOTE: Small WPCs can allow one side to be NO larger than 12 inches, otherwise panels can warp or be pressed together and damage paintings.
For larger WPC solutions (ex. 14×18 or larger) use the “Large Wet Panel Carrier” options below.

Small Wet Panel Carriers (one side must be 12 inches or less)
Enter custom WPC sizes here

Large Wet Panel Carriers (one side must be 20 inches or less)
Enter custom WPC sizes here

$15.00 (quantity discounts)  Forever Turp Jar:
Why, oh WHY are we still using heavy, clumsy metal turp jars?
This is the last turp jar you’ll ever have to buy.
It will not break!
There are no clamps or swivel arms to malfunction.
No rubber gaskets.
Extreme agitator for extreme brush cleaning!
No moving parts so there is nothing that can go wrong with this simple elegant lightweight solution, forever.
8 0z jar.
Weighs 4 oz.

The last turp jar you’ll ever need

$10.00 (quantity discounts) Mirror/Mahl Stick
A must. <3 <3
With the mirror, you may know, looking at your painting in reverse helps discover wonkiness and other draftsmanship problems.
The reversal image looks new to your mind, so it gives you “fresh eyes.”
Also, the mirror is very helpful in balancing the compositional elements left to right.

The Mahl Stick is useful for nailing down the smaller shapes in your composition.
If there are figures, animals, or man-made objects at all, chances are, I’ll use the Mahl stick feature.
I use it every time I sign a painting.
Stick one in every setup you have including the studio, so you never are without it! <3 <3

Handy little gem of a tool!

$8.00 (quantity discounts) Re-usable Trashbags, With Reflectors!:
More info, click HERE.
Call me a greenie, or a treehugger, but none of us want to be the knucklehead in the painting group using a Walmart bag. THE NOISE, ahhhh The Noise…don’t get me started (lol)!!

Or, for the love of the Earth and all its inhabitants, do NOT be out there with no bag and a growing amount of toxic little wind kites at your feet. It ruins the perception the public has for the rest of us painters if you have a scattered mess going on outside in a beautiful setting (c’mon let’s look like we know what we’re doing!)
Get one for yourself, and be a good friend, pick a few up for the group.
More info, click HERE.

Quantity Discounts, get one for your friends!

$17.00 Multi-Tool:
Pliers are absolutely clutch…hahhahaha !

Arguably, the most important tool is the bottle opener!
Scissors have come in handy more than a couple times out yonder.
Believe it or not, the fingernail file, I’ve actually used to sand down a little do-dad.
The can-opener has and will continue to be put to use in the car camping mode.
Leather punch…who knows, it can get wild out there!
Weighs 2.5 oz.
More info, click HERE!

Multi-Tool W/ Bottle Opener!

$5.00 22 oz. Hydration Pack:
The reason these things are so cool is that as you drink, they get smaller.
This, of course, solves the dilemma of seeming to leave with more than you came with!

Sheer joy will be yours!

Well, that may be pushing it.
Stay hydrated out there you wild and crazies, however you do it!
My drill sergeants used to chant, “Beat the Heat!”and we’d all have to holler, “DRINK WATER!”
Ingrained I guess.

The water bottle that goes away as you drink!

$7.00 SPF 30  No Odor, Clip On Sunscreeen and bottle:
Here’s the thing…
Everyone’s got their systems.
You may have one for how you deal with our nearest star, the SUN!! It’s bright, bold and powerful, and it can ruin a vacation.
For me, sunburn is NOT an option. You better believe this bad boy never leaves the shoulder strap of my easel packs. If someone needs some, they get it from the shoulder strap, there’s no un-clipping and passing this thing around. That’s how I end up getting FRIED. That’s my system, and I’m sticking to it!

No more getting out there, and getting FRIED!!

Refill it forever, comes full of SPF 30.

Clip on Sunscreen

$12.00  Brush Protector:
A light weight, small and concise holder.
It’s time to pare that quiver down…
It’s too small for too many brushes. How many brushes do you really use out there?
I have seven, all flats (a 2, two 4s, two 6s, and two 8s), a palette knife and the mirror/mahl stick you see above. This particular brush holder/protector fits very nicely with both the Daytripper Easels and the Fly on the Wall Easel wings. I use a large rubber band and sling it around the wing and brush holder so it’s not blowing or moving around.

No nonsense when it comes to equipment when painting or doing any activity you love.
Not to be confused with shenanigans. We like those.

Brush Holder/Protector