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The hassle-free portable oil painting system that completely eliminates all easel excuses to NOT go paint!!

Do you LOVE your french easel, but don’t LOVE how much it weighs.
What you LOVE is the painting posture of a Frenchie.
Of course you do, it’s the way humans were meant to paint, the fencing style.
It keeps your back aligned and the energy of translation is more healthy and athletic.
And, that’s what the Daytripper Easel is based around, the right posture!
The Daytripper easel uses a modern tripod. Keeping things simple, quick, efficient, and effective is our motto.

Many current pochade boxes, where the palette and the panel holder are together attached to the tripod head,
simply overtax the unit, so the connection is loose, wobbly, or unstable.

The Daytripper easel spreads the load on the tripod by splitting up the palette from the panel holder.
This alone helps reduce weight because the setup requires a lighter duty tripod.
20151130_165643_001The head unit of the tripod, where the camera would be attached,
only holds the Upright Panel Holder (avg. weight, 1 lb.) and your panel,
so the panel stays a lot more rigid.

Click HERE for the History of how the Daytripper Easel was born (short, entertaining hopefully).

Imagine putting a 36×24 on your open box, how about your Soltek? EEK. Those systems were not designed for that.
Considered huge for on-location, 36×24 vertical or horizontal, is a treat with the right equipment.
We have it.
The Daytripper is the small to medium-large solution.
I use this setup more than any other, by FAR!

Will my tripod work? CLICK HERE.
I recommend the DOLICA AX620B100 Tripod for the tripod pictured here which is fantastic and available here!
Easel.3 The Upright Panel Holder you decide on will accommodate your growth in confidence.
More about the 6 Upright Panel Holder choices below:
Beginners to plein air, or on-location painting will want to start with smaller canvases and gradually build to larger sizes.

20151130_170452 20151130_170300

The Upright Panel Holders will hold up to their designated sizes in vertical supports (the 18″ UPHs will hold an 18″ panel) and all the way down to nothing.
There are Upright Panel Holders that can hold all the way to 36″ vertical canvases as seen below.
If painting this large (24″+), it is recommended that a heavier duty tripod than the lightweight one we offer, is used.

20151130_180246 20151130_180814 20151130_180856

There are 6 different Upright Panel Holders to suit the needs of the individual painter.
Some like to go BIG on location, multi-day or crush it out in one sitting,
others like to keep it lighter and pack-able, sketch smaller.
The Upright Panel Holders with the Off Center Mount can be laid flat for those working in watercolor or other mediums.

20151130_172831 20151130_180143 20151201_105316

Some prefer to sit and paint while I try to stand, unless I’m completely wiped out from a long hike or something.
The versatility of this setup is just another thing that makes it superior.
It will configure to almost any conceivable position to accommodate a comfortable painting situation.
Plus it’s so easy to change it up, one could easily start sitting and decide that the “breaks over”
and change the whole configuration in seconds to a standing posture.
Below are pictured two different configurations for sitting.
The legs tuck under the palette in the one on the left, while the palette is lower on the right where the posture is more squat-ish.

20151201_110935 20151201_105948

More INFO on making the right Upright Panel Holder decision for you HERE.
It all depends on the scene to me, it’s good to have options.
There are screws placed in the Crossbars to hold canvas panels while minimizing painting surface obstruction
for brushstrokes that continue off of the canvas, but for those windy days, the full-length angled holders are clutch.
_MG_23024NewsThe Daytripper is the lightest weight easel on the market for its size of mixing area, making it possible to get into places like this.
(Tripod choice is critical..Do I have a tripod that will work?).
I recommend the DOLICA AX620B100 Tripod for the tripod pictured here which is fantastic (Back to Store).
Palette 2.2 lbs.
Upright Panel Holder 1 lbs.
2 Wet Panel Carriers 5 oz./each.
DOLICA AX620B100 Tripod 2.9 lbs
Easel13The Mixing Area
9.25″ x 15.25″, just inside the 11×17 outer stowed dimensions.
The Daytripper Palette can be plexi-glass, or glass.
It is sprayed a neutral gray on the backside and caulked in place.
It can be removed though it will be a small job.
Glass is heavier with the only convenience of using a razor blade.
Glass can break in the event of a drop (common) or complete rig blowover (uncommon if weighted down as suggested).
Plexi-glass is RECOMMENDED and you save a pound in weight.
Weight Difference:
Glass: 3.5 lbs.
Plexi- Glass: 2.2 lbs.

At 1.25 x 11 x 17″, the palette is designed to fit in a laptop sleeve of a laptop daypack so you can sell your 80 liter backpacking pack at your local consignment store.Easel14The hooks simply fold into the unit and tighten down into place, then fold out to lock onto the legs of your tripod.
They can also be placed in any of the holes along the edge to help with weight distribution or height requirements.

20151130_172031 20151130_171951 20151130_171504 20151130_171720 20151130_172142

The wings of the unit are bound by a strong continuous hing adding to the simple, yet rugged style.
1/2″ aluminum angle are glued and riveted to the wings for both rigidity and the convenience of a lip to hold things like brushes, phones, cameras, coffee, wine, beer, etc.
No more easel excuses.. just an insatiable urge to get out there and knock one out of the PARK!!
YEP…It’s time!

Email me for shipping out of country:
Daytripper Palette $225.00 (Price does not include the Upright Panel Holder, Tripod, or other items shown in picture).
Upright Panel Holders. Details HERE.