PliersOpen*Of course, bottle opener, and can-opener for those on a budget out there.
Get those beans on the fire, thems a good eatin’! I’ve been there, trust me!

*The scissors are nice too and actually work pretty good.
You can file down your nails after you hack them off with the scissors!

*A leather punch, I’m not kidding, you never know when you have to repair a backpack strap or need to stab through some tough stuff.

*Pliers, obviously clutch, so many times!

*Pocket knife, mostly for playing Mumblety-peg when you’re done painting and waiting on others!

*A phillips and flat head screwdriver both. You never know, all the parts in the easels have phillups head screws, so it’s smart to have this.

*The pouch is nothing special, but does exactly what it needs to do. That’s hold the tool, and is able to attach to a shoulder strap, DO IT. You’ll never leave home without it, and this thing comes in handy in all the ways above. Well worth it’s small weight, and price! And it’s on the outside of your pack for good and always. Trust me, if it’s handy, you’ll find it extremely useful.
PliersInSatchel PliersClosedKnife