Easel12These carriers are the best solution for getting wet panels back to your studio in perfect condition.
2 Panels float away from each other wet and face to face via a tapered rabbet, like an inside-out frame.
Velcro around the unit and everything stays perfect and debris-free in the pack.
WPC01These carriers are based on an idea of old.
The impressionist painters of the turn of the 19th century would glue or nail together two picture frames face to face,
and voila, the first, and finest wet panel/painting carrying solution was born.
WPC03There are many carriers out there ranging from some impressive
home-made foam core and duct tape situations to heavy, bulky, wooden strong boxes.
This is the lightest weight, and most debris-free way of transporting a wet painting
from the dangers of wherever you get inspired to the safety of a frame.
Several different sized WPCs can be chained together with the provided velcro to make uber-carriers!
WPC02There are similar carriers out there, watch them follow suit with our stuff because it is that much better!
Here’s why Prolific Painter’s solution is better:
WPCprofiledesign1. Tapered Rabbet.  This keeps the rabbet (the inner ridge that holds the paintings apart from each other) from leaving a linear dent across your brand new painting.
2. Additional radius in the Velcro Strap route. This helps the pull of the strap actually keep the painting sealed up against the rabbet.
And the less rounded corners keep the straps in place when your placing or removing the carriers from your backpack.
3. 4-way seal/support. This method of carrying wet panels keeps debris, bugs, and any foreign objects off your painting.
It also supports the painting on all four sides ensureing it won’t warp or bend into the facing painting.
4. So light weight. At an average of 5 oz. each, they are the lightest weight solution for backpacking or day tripping a ways into a place.
5. Velcro strap several carriers together for an Uber- Carrier, even of  all different sizes.