The Grand Canyon Association’s Celebration of Art 2015

Held at the historic Kolb brother’s house on the South Rim just west of El Tovar. The show opened and goes through the first week of January. If you have plans to pay a visit to the South Rim of Grand Canyon, the show is worth a visit as you take in the canyon’s natural beauty.

Bill Cramer and I started out on the North Rim and stayed in the Trailcrew Bunkhouse. Making ourselves quite comfortable we had the place to ourselves. The weather as you can see form the work was a bit tricky to work with, but we made do. Enjoyed both a sunrise and sunset at the majestic Cape Royal looking out at Wotan’s Throne. The weather worstened with the time spent over there, from Saturday to Tuesday. Susiehyer and Rosie Sandifer came and joined the fray. We had a blast over there and left Tuesday evening to drive to the South Rim for the remainder of the week and the show opening. There were a couple tech hickups. Lost one image altogether, and due to a dying cell-phone battery and therefore having to use and being unfamiliar with Cramer’s camera, art history will have to be without hi-rez photos of some of these paintings…sorry, and enjoy. Also Below the paintings are the notan sketches all done before each painting. Not all of them are worthy of display, but they all help the painting process! Enjoy everyone.