A  Garden  of  Eden  in  the  Known  Galaxy;
The  Colorado  River  Through  the  Grand  Canyon

Gotta’ be one of the most amazing trips and life experiences so far in a life that’s had more than its share of good times, trust me. I am a thankful guy. But this trip was truly amazing. Amazing friends, amazing guides, amazing weather, and absolutely A Garden of Eden in the known Galaxy. Plus we had a full moon! Look out for a video this Fall featuring this gang of BAPA presidents (Bad Ass Painters of America and every member is president) and this completely ridiculously awesome adventure.Directly below you’ll find a photo journal of some of the best times and scenery with commentary and some Geology-nerd stuff here and there.Below that, you’ll find the body of work created on location, mostly in the order of creation, and the larger thumnails are studio paintings done upon returning to reality. Enjoy!

The Dream Team is back at it!Don't underestimate this knucklehead!!Rosie Sandifer painting on Day1Doug Braithwaite painting Day1Dave Santillanes painting Day2So there's that....Yeah, those are people...Red Wall Limestone.Like Micro, Like Macro....UH huh, yeah, this picture. Macro.....whoa.just Whoa...Diapers!!Corrosive water, and sandpaper wind.The camp at 75 mile. Fantastic layover spot.Soft Sediment Deformation...right Wayne Ranney?Getting some shelter from the sun and wind.Shapes.Starting into the Vishnu Schist.Is that me doing a notan sketch.This preceded a very nice hike to a fun little falls.Love these Love-birds. Bill Cramer painting evening light Day5Camp, Day6Upstream Day 6. Good fun at this falls. uh, whoa?whoa.Deer Creek Falls..just fallen rocks. nothin' to see here.The Cramer!Lovin LifeNational Canyon!.Water in National Canyon!Doug Braithwaite painting in the bottom of National CanyonRosie Sandifer stayin' in the shade!Reflections of whoa!!Matt Herrman, our Zen Trip LeaderDiamond MountainThe BAPA presidents!


24×24    “Canyon Trickle”     Oil on Linen
National Canyon, where we had a layover on day 7.
A wider bit of the canyon where the water would emerge from the talus and flood debris for a bit and then seep back down below ground.


36×24    “Time Machines”     Oil on Linen
Painted from the plein air painting in the collection below entitled, “The Sheer Size of it All.”