Everett Reuss Days Plein Air Festival, Escalante, UT:
The weather did not co-operate with this event’s days. While this was extremely beautiful, and relatively fun and interesting to paint, Utahns want their sunshine, as does all of the 4 corners states. It’s remarkable, but this rainy day stuff sits on the wall FOREVER here in CO. And it was no different in Escalante, UT. Now, it is what it is, I’m not complaining, just reporting. I love it either way, but going home with some cash for your hard work, also does not suck. I did manage to luck out and sell a couple, and I know many got skunked, so high fives to the sales gods!!
Below is is my body of work, and you’ll see the storm lifting and then I was able to paint some sun-shiney work towards the end (after the turn-in, unfortunately)